Zebrafish Core Facility

Mission Statement

The aim of the College of Arts and Science Zebrafish Core Facility is to provide the University of Miami and South Florida communities with zebrafish embryos, larvae and adult zebrafish for research and teaching.

Why Zebrafish?

A single zebrafish female produces hundreds of embryos that develop externally and are transparent, making early developmental stages accessible to study.  The development of both organ systems and behavioral repertoires are fast and stereotyped, and gene knock-down and transgenic technologies are inexpensive and rapid. These attributes have made zebrafish a popular choice for screens and cancer, physiology, regenerative medicineneuro and developmental biology.


Ricardo Cepeda is the Zebrafish facility manager and local fish whisperer.  Director Julia Dallman (Visit her Lab) are available for consultation and training.


For questions regarding the use of zebrafish for your own research purposes please contact the facility director Julia Dallman (jdallman@bio.miami.edu 305-284-3954).

The Facility

The Zebrafish Core Facility houses 20 racks of recirculating Aquatic Habitat aquaria that can easily accommodate 20,000 adult zebrafish.  Several experimentally useful lines of fish are already hosted in the facility (see link to list above), and more can be acquired depending on users needs. Adjoining the large room where the adults are housed is an injection facility with three injection stations. These injection stations can be reserved by internal and external users a week prior to the intended experiment (see Availability Calendar below).

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Fee Structure

Summary of Fees for the Zebrafish Facility

Availability Calendar for Injection Stations

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