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From the Dean

Dean Bachas of College of Arts and Sciences

Dear Friends,

The season of spring is a celebration of resilience. In areas ranging from the health of young people to human impacts on the natural world, resilience requires study, engagement, and safeguarding.  It can never be taken for granted. That is certainly the case when it comes to democracy, which has been a focus of conversation both at home and abroad in recent years.

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That’s why one of the most exciting recent developments at the College was the dedication ceremony of The George P. Hanley Democracy Center on March 2nd, made possible by a generous gift from the Miami Beach entrepreneur and philanthropist. Read More >>


Power to the people

New center will deepen understanding of democracy principles and perils

Born in 5th-century Athens, the concept of democracy—a form of government that places political power in the hands of the citizenry—inspired the founders of the United States and has been embraced by dozens of nations over the past century.

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Preparing for planetary stewardship

Ecosystem program inspires, educates students seeking careers in sustainability and environmental policy
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Artful generosity

University alumnus’ gift expresses his love of the arts and the U
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Enriching the lives of adults with autism

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation and UM-NSU CARD celebrate over 20 years of supporting the autism community in South Florida
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Will ChatGPT change higher education?

ChatGPT, a written language software tool powered by artificial intelligence, is causing quite a stir everywhere, especially in higher education.
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Coders unite!

University of Miami junior Gaelle Orlane Charlet is gearing up for one of the most anticipated events on campus for students in STEM—the 30-hour coding hackathon known as UHack.
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Psychologist helps to curb youth emotional struggles in novel ways

Professor Jill Ehrenreich-May has created a new treatment guide that draws on cognitive behavioral strategies to treat anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders in a shorter time span.
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Bon Appetit!

Food studies is on the menu in several A&S courses
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5 Questions: Annette La Greca

Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Pediatrics
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Taking the time to be of service

Cassandra Michel, a senior at the University of Miami, is the epitome of a “people person.” Her dedication to community empowerment, mental health advocacy, and student mentorship has shown her to be a particularly effective student leader.
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An activist at heart

As a freshman, student activist Luna Plaza is a positive force to be reckoned with. Since arriving at the University of Miami last fall, Plaza has wasted no time in carving out her niche in the campus community by dedicating much of her attention to the pursuit of social and environmental justice.
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Engaging the world through words

Students taking a writing class with Ben Lauren, an associate professor in the Department of Writing Studies, learn how to write everything from articles to podcasts.
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Historian receives highly acclaimed Dan David Prize

Krista Goff, an associate professor of history in the College of Arts and Sciences, is a 2023 recipient of the prestigious Dan David Prize for her work in illuminating the past in bold and creative ways.
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Scholar champions the arts and underserved communities

Donette Francis, associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences and director of the Center for Global Black Studies at the University of Miami, explores the intersection between race, arts, and the environment in her research and teaching.
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A mind made for science

Alumna reflects on her academic career at UM with gratitude for faculty support and numerous opportunities at the “U”
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Ambler Moss, diplomat, professor, and dean, helped foster global research at the University

A veteran professor of international studies and former U.S. ambassador to Panama, Moss passed away recently.
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Recent Publications from A&S Faculty
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