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From the Dean

Dean Bachas of College of Arts and Sciences

Dear Friends,

With your generous support, the College of Arts & Sciences is harvesting the fruits of our ambitious vision and hard work this fall, as several extraordinary initiatives are set to exponentially expand our impact.

The completion of the state-of-the-art Frost Institute for Chemistry and Molecular Science (FICMS) facility, a cornerstone of the Frost Institutes for Science and Engineering established by a $100 million gift from University benefactors Phillip and Patricia Frost, is a historic landmark for the College.support the college Distinguished biomedical chemist and cardiologist Dr. Mark Yeager joined the University this summer as the inaugural executive director of FICMS, which is poised to be a remarkable force for leading-edge science that improves the health of humans and our planet. Read More >>


Living in a learning laboratory

College, campus, and community inspire insights and innovations

Discovery takes many forms. It’s the lifeblood of scientific and societal progress. It’s the “aha” moment of connection across cultures. It’s the artistry that takes both creator and audience into new realms of experience and understanding.

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Driven by gratitude and a love of learning

Crediting the “huge” influence of the Department of Biology on her life trajectory, Sandra Aronberg, B.S. ’73, has built a distinguished career in medicine and public health—and a steadfast record of giving to her alma mater.
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A champion for the arts

University of Miami alumna Chloe Berkowitz, Class of ’15, is an advocate for artists. A philanthropist and lover of the arts, Berkowitz is the founder and president of the Berkowitz Contemporary Foundation (BCF), a nonprofit supporting today’s contemporary and modern artists.
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Researchers shed new light on gopher tortoises

Biology associate professor Christopher Searcy and graduate student Leyna Stemle are studying the behavior of the young reptiles to help protect the species, which is key to the survival of many other native organisms.
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The cost to preserve the Amazon

Investing to conserve the Brazilian rainforest could cost between $1.7 and $2.8 billion, according to a recent study.
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Natural disasters can accelerate changes to tropical forests

Biology professor Kenneth Feeley conducted a lengthy study on forests in Jamaica and learned that hurricanes can magnify the effects of climate change, allowing species from warmer climates to replace those that prefer cooler temperatures.
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Mothers use the benefits of song to promote infant development

Frost School of Music professor of music therapy Shannon de l’Etoile is starting a new study, funded by the GRAMMY Museum Grant Program, that will help at-risk mothers use singing to engage with their babies.
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Astrophysicist helps map the origins of the universe

Josh Gundersen, a professor of physics in the College of Arts and Sciences, is part of an international team of astronomers looking back billions of light years into the past to study the birth of star-forming galaxies.
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Debunking conspiracy theories

New research by University of Miami academics, supported by a U-LINK grant, offers insight into the opinions on conspiracy theories and puts things in perspective.
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Where words speak volumes

College welcomes new department devoted to the study of writing
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Powering innovation at the molecular level

Faculty members are moving into the Frost Institute for Chemistry and Molecular Science this fall, a building designed to fuel collaboration and highlight groundbreaking research.
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Student teaches English to schoolchildren in Portugal

Junior Lindsey Faucher, who is studying psychology and international relations at the University of Miami, had the opportunity to apply the skills she has learned to support child development as an instructor and mentor to young Portuguese children.
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Student fuses scenes from his childhood into his paintings

Junior Kareem Moumina spent his childhood in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines and used the unique locations as inspiration for his large-scale landscape art pieces.
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5 Questions: Mina Teicher, Program Director for WIMSA

WIMSA, Advancing Women in Mathematics Across the Americas, is an initiative at the Institute of the Mathematical Sciences of the Americas (IMSA).
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Piquero tapped by Biden Administration to head Bureau of Justice Statistics

Alex Piquero, a noted criminologist and chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminology, has been named director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, part of the Department of Justice.
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