Five-Year Programs


Department of Biology offers a research-based 5-year BS/MS degree. Over the course of their senior year, plus one additional year of graduate study, students in the program will take graduate level courses, conduct independent research, and write a Master of Science thesis.


The dual BS/MS in Chemistry is designed to provide students with hands-on training in research and analysis in a reduced timeframe of five years. This program will allow students to be more competitive in admissions to Ph.D. and M.D. programs, as well as in the employment market.

Computer Science

For students seeking accelerated experience in Computer Science, the Department of Computer Science offers a five-year BS/MS program. Incoming students can be admitted to the program if their mathematics placement is MTH108 or higher.

Latin American Studies

In this highly selective Honors Program, students follow a rigorous, accelerated curriculum to complete a dual degree (B.A./M.A.) in Latin American and Caribbean Studies in five years. The program provides exciting collaborative research, travel, and work opportunities.

Mathematical Finance

The dual BS in Mathematics/MS in Mathematical Finance program is dedicated to producing technically trained professionals with an understanding of how to analyze and value complex investments, and assess the associated risks.

Public Administration

The Bachelor’s in Political Science/Master of Public Administration five-year program allows students to complete an MPA with a reduced amount of time and credits. The MPA program is typically a 2-year, 48-credit program, but this dual degree allows students to complete the MPA in one year.