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Ashe Building Room 130
1252 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146 
Phone: (305) 284-4117 
Fax: (305) 284-5637

Dean's Office Contacts

Leonidas G. Bachas Dean of the College 305-284-4021 Email
Jennifer L Ferriss-Hill Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and College Diversity 305-284-4036 Email
Caleb Everett Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 305-284-4036 Email
Joshua Cohn Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education 305-284-4036 Email
Jeanne Luis Director of Strategic Initiatives 305-284-2607 Email
Rose-Ketlie Glemaud Project Manager and Assistant to the Dean 305-284-4021 Email
TBA Senior Administrative Assistant 305-284-2834 Email

Development and Alumni Relations

Karina Alvarez Executive Director of Development 305-284-2988 Email
Christopher Hixon Director of Development 305-284-4638 Email
MaryEllen Becher Development Officer 305-284-1266 Email
TBA Sr. Development Coordinator 305-284-3111 Email
Ily Peralta Development Coordinator 305-284-2463 Email


Kyra Gurney Sr. Communication Specialist 305-284-2485 Email
Nicole R Curtin Digital Marketing Specialist 305-284-9710 Email

Faculty and Personnel Affairs

Ana Flores Senior Manager 305-284-6104 Email
Monica Metcalf Associate Director 305-284-9315 Email

Fiscal Affairs

Dawn Reynolds Senior Business Officer 305-284-4029 Email
Nicole Frisbie Director, Finance 305-284-2017 Email
Luis Figueroa Associate Director, Finance 305-284-5512 Email
Heather Diaz Sr. Financial Analyst 305-284-5218 Email
Veronica Arce Sr. Financial Analyst 305-284-4126 Email
Michael Ramos Sr. Financial Analyst 305-284-1007 Email

Graduate and Administrative Services

Ash Building, Room 140 
1252 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone: (305) 284-3188
Fax: (305) 284-4724

Charles Mallery Associate Dean 305-284-3188 Email
Gylla Lucky Manager of Programs 305-284-3188 Email
Susie Picar Sr. Classroom Planning & Scheduling Analyst 305-284-3188 Email
Felicia Burke Program Coordinator 305-284-3188 Email

Interdisciplinary and Professional Studies

1300 Campo Sano Avenue, Suite 215
Phone: 305-284-8783
Fax: 305-284-2023

Lina Lopez  Executive Director of Programs 305-284-2034 Email
Frances Smith Sr. Program Coordinator 305-284-8782 Email
Yurelkys D. Claro Sr. Program Coordinator 305-284-2030 Email
Catherine Wheeling College Recruiter 305-284-3167 Email
Bianca Sproul Marketing Specialist 305-284-8362 Email
Elizabeth Freshour Outreach Coordinator 305-284-8783 Email

Research Support Services & Administration

Ashe Building Room 327 
1252 Memorial Drive 
Coral Gables, FL 33146 
Phone: (305) 284-4797

Tracy Ehrlich Associate Director 305-284-9246 Email
Milton Fonseca Sr. Sponsored Programs Specialist 305-284-8582 Email
Ivelisse Reyes Tovar Sr. Sponsored Programs Specialist 305-284-8578 Email
Norma Lissette Cajina Sponsored Programs Assistant 305-284-4797 Email

Undergraduate Student Academic Services

Ashe Building Room 140
1252 Memorial Drive 
Coral Gables, FL 33146 
Phone: (305) 284-4333
Fax: (305) 284-4686

Emily Long Assistant Dean 305-284-4333 Email
Marian Dahman Manager, Senior Advising 305-284-4333 Email
Melissa Hew-Tarradath Manager, Arts & Humanities; Exploratory & Foote Fellows; 305-284-4333 Email
Oscar Diaz Manager, STEM; Psychology & Neuroscience & Foote Fellows
Cox 160
305-284-1712 Email
Wanda Smiley Sr. Administrative Assistant 305-284-3303 Email
Gerardo Suarez Sr. Academic Advisor, Exploratory Advising 305-284-4333 Email
Gisett Taveras Sr. Academic Advisor, Criminology, English, Global Health Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Religious Studies, and Sociology Advising 305-284-4333 Email
Delaney Stersic Sr. Academic Advisor, Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Classics, Economics, Gender & Sexuality Studies, History, Judaic Studies, Modern Languages, and Philosophy Advising 305-284-4333 Email
TBA Sr. Academic Advisor, Biology Upperclass & and Chemistry Advising (under 30 credits) 305-284-4333 Email
Marlisa Mendoza Sr. Academic Advisor,
Art & Art History, Political Science, Public Administration, and Theatre Arts Advising
305-284-4333 Email
Martha Medina Sr. Academic Advisor, Computer Science (under 45 credits) & Neuroscience Advising
Cox 161
305-284-3303 Email
TBA Sr. Academic Advisor, New Biology Majors & Psychology Advising (Last Names A-G) 305-284-4333 Email
Jacqueline Frechette Sr. Academic Advisor, Psychology Advising (Last Names H-Z)
Cox 161


Diondra Moss




Technical / Computer Support Services

Ashe Building Room - 421
1252 Memorial Drive 
Coral Gables, FL 33146 
Phone: (305) 284-4223
Fax: (305) 284-6024

For more details visit : Computer and Web Support

Samer Zafar Web Development
140L Ashe Bldg.
305-284-2771 Email
Roger Marin Art and Art History
1540 Levante Ave.
305-284-6962 Email
TBA Computer Science
427 Ungar Bldg.
305-284-2272 Email
Chris Hanson Geography & Regional Studies
305A Merrick Bldg.
305-284-5430 Email
Jef Moskot Mathematics
409 Ungar Bldg.
305-284-2255 Email
Benjamin Betancourt Modern Languages and Literatures
201 Merrick Bldg
305-284-3755 Email
Andre Perwin Psychology
528 Flipse Bldg.
305-284-1939 Email
Derek Harmisson Psychology
529 Flipse Bldg.
305-284-1939 Email