Honors Programs

In addition to the University of Miami’s Foote Fellows program, the College of Arts and Sciences houses two Honors programs. These two competitive programs represent some of the most intellectually curious and engaged students. Fostering a vibrant community of undergraduate scholars, these Arts & Sciences’ Honors programs focus on personalized, interdisciplinary courses of study designed to prepare students for academic and professional success.

As the largest College at the U, we have so much to offer.  Our innovative, interdisciplinary classes encourage students to integrate knowledge from across the different disciplines.   Providing a strong foundation, the selective Honors programs fosters creativity, problem-solving and leadership skills - setting our graduates apart in a competitive professional landscape and preparing them for success in a rapidly changing, globalized world.

Participation is by invitation only during the student’s admission process.  Limited spaces are available for by self-nomination for spring admission.  Interested students should email Caleb Everett, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College at caleb@miami.edu


Enriching Environment

Ample opportunities for undergraduate research, service, and $500 research award.

Innovative Curriculum

Unique, interdisciplinary courses and seminars

Vibrant Communities

Extends learning beyond the classroom with various special events, lectures, and field trips. 

Faculty Mentoring

Engage with, and learn from, world-renowned faculty – leaders in their field on the quest for new knowledge and discoveries.