Welcome Fall 2021 A&S New Faculty

Welcome A&S new faculty Welcome A&S new faculty
Christian Agatemor (Chemistry - Assistant Professor)


Charles BartlettCharles Frederick Bartlett (Classics - Visiting Assistant Professor)

Charles Bartlett is excited to join the Department of Classics at the University of Miami. He earned his PhD in Ancient History from Harvard University, and has held post-doctoral positions at the Duke University and Harvard. Charles works on the history of the Roman law and economic institutions, in antiquity and in later periods, and he is thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with the scholarly community at Miami. He looks forward to participating in research seminars with colleagues and to guiding students in their exploration of complex and enduring questions from the ancient world.

Oliver Bracko (Biology - Research Assistant Professor)


Michael BustamanteMichael Bustamante (History - Associate Professor)

Michael J. Bustamante (Ph.D., Yale University) will join the University of Miami as Associate Professor of History and the Emilio Bacardí Moreau Chair in Cuban and Cuban-American Studies in fall 2021. He previously served as Assistant Professor of History at Florida International University. He is the author of Cuban Memory Wars: Retrospective Politics in Revolution and Exile (University of North Carolina Press, 2021). He is co-editor of The Revolution from Within: Cuba, 1959-1980 (Duke University Press, 2019). Dr. Bustamante's scholarship has also appeared in Journal of American Ethnic History, Latino Studies, and Cuban Studies, among other publications.

Shai CohenShai Cohen (Modern Languages & Literatures - Lecturer)

Dr. Shai Cohen is a specialist in Spanish Philology (from the University of Navarra) and a certified Ulpan Hebrew Teacher for Foreigners (Rothberg Institute-HUJI). His most recent book, El poder de la palabra: la sátira política contra el conde duque de Olivares (CSIC, Madrid 2019), explores the relation between political satire and government in 17th century Spain. He is the editor of different volumes and the author of numerous articles and book chapters (e.g. El hebreo en España defendida de Quevedo, 2017). Shai also wrote the Historical Novel Strappado (original title: סטראפדו, Gvanim, 2013) and the dissemination work entitled El arte de hablar callando, El meme: transmisor de conceptos del Siglo de Oro (Leer-e, 2013). Alongside his research, he is also active in the field of Digital Humanities as the initiator and coordinator of various projects and workshops. At the moment, Shai is an active member in several associations, research groups and projects such as AISO, AIH, AEEHJ, and GRISO (active consultant in GRISOSFERA project).

Ali Hagverdiyev (Mathematics - Lecturer)


Simon Howard (Psychology - Assistant Professor)


Allannah Karas (Classics - Assistant Professor)


Shazrene Mohamed (Physics - Associate Professor)


Marlon Rachquel Moore (English - Associate Professor)


Amila Muthunayake (Mathematics - Research Assistant Professor)


Patoimbasba Nikiema (Modern Languages & Literatures - Assistant Professor)


Mina Teicher (Mathematics - Visiting Professor)


Julia WesterJulia Wester (Anthropology - Lecturer)

Julia Wester is a lecturer and Associate Director of the undergraduate program in Ecosystem Science and Policy. She completed her Master's at Oxford in conservation biology and management before working in Florida state politics. She then completed her Ph.D. at the Abess Center studying how emotions and norms shape attitudes toward water recycling and related policy development. She has collaborated on projects funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation and National Geographic Explorer to study human-wildlife interactions in south Florida and the southern Caribbean. Her current research focuses on stakeholder engagement and local policy, mostly around Miami and Biscayne Bay.

Mark Yeager (Chemistry - Professor)


Yelena Yesha (Computer Science - Professor)

Dr. Yesha received her B.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and in Applied Mathematics from York University, Toronto, Canada, and her M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from The Ohio State University. She has published 11 books as author or editor, and more than 200 papers in prestigious refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings, and she has been awarded external funding in a total amount exceeding 45 million dollars. She is currently working with leading industrial companies and government agencies on new innovative technology in the areas of blockchains, cybersecurity, and big data analytics with applications to electronic commerce, climate change, and digital healthcare. Dr. Yesha is a fellow of the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies.

Amy Elise Zanne (Biology - Professor)