Foote Fellows Program at A&S

Boundless Possibilities Start Here

The Foote Fellows Honors Program recognizes the most academically accomplished incoming students at the University of Miami. Foote Fellows have unparalleled freedom to select and shape their path to graduation. The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to fostering Foote Fellows’ intellectual curiosity, academic preparation, a proactive involvement in extracurricular activities and interests, and intellectual diversity.

Freedom and Flexibility

Beyond completing a major and a minor, all other structures of learning, such as general education requirements, including cognates and second language competence, are available to them as voluntary options. *

Dedicated Advising

Foote Fellows benefit from a dedicated advisor that offers academic guidance to help them bridge disciplines and expand their educational trajectory, including as well as connecting them with: university and community resources, access to distinctive learning opportunities, networking opportunities, and exclusive Foote Fellow seminars on topics as diverse as your mind can imagine.

Distinctive Learning Opportunities

Foote Fellows have access to exclusive Foote Fellow seminars on topics as diverse as you can imagine. In addition to access to prominent campus visitors and priority for internships with the Dean’s office.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with the Foote Fellows Honors Program distinction, program participants must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.5 by the completion of the final semester. Eligibility for the Foote Fellows Honors Program transcript distinction for each student is determined by the lower of two GPAs:

UM cumulative graduation GPA

Combination GPA (UM cumulative graduation GPA + Transfer GPA)

*See FAQ’s for exceptions to the general education requirements.