A&S Programs of Distinction

These opportunities will push the limits of your knowledge both in the classroon and beyond.

+ denotes program is by invitation only

da Vinci Program +

Inspired by the artist, humanist, and scientific genius Leonardo da Vinci, this program encourages you to explore the interdisciplinary connections between the arts, humanities, and sciences by emphasizing the distinctive elements that humanities classes can offer.

Departmental Honors Program

Departmental Honors Programs provides you with opportunities to intensify and deepen your knowledge of a major, to permit you closer associations with professors, and to prepare you for research, thesis preparation, and other work at the graduate level.

Directed Independent Language Study (DILS)

The Directed Independent Language Study program gives you the opportunity to study languages not currently offered through traditional classroom instruction by pairing you with a native speaker. You will gain linguistic and cultural competence through conversation in the language and improve your ability to adapt to new linguistic and cultural environments.

Dual Degrees and 4+1 Programs

Accelerated 5-year bachelor/masters degree programs allow undergraduate students to complete dual degrees within a reduced timeframe, and to take advantage of using financial aid for part of their graduate degree. Completing your graduate degree in just one additional year gives you a competitive edge in the next phase of your career. Interested students should speak to their advisor.

FILAS (Fellows in Latin American Studies)

In this highly selective Honors Program, students follow a rigorous, accelerated curriculum to complete a dual degree (B.A./M.A.) in Latin American and Caribbean Studies in five years. The program provides exciting collaborative research, travel, and work opportunities.

First-Year Research Seminars

First-Year Research Seminars are small courses exclusively for first-year students in the College of Arts & Sciences. Courses are created and taught by distinguished University of Miami faculty and are designed to introduce first-year students to the breadth, depth and interconnectivity of the liberal arts and to the excitement of independent and group research.

Foote Fellows Honors Program +

The Foote Fellows Honors Program exempts you from the Cognates Program of General Education requirements. As a Foote Fellow, you can explore a multitude of educational resources, which many leverage into an opportunity to take additional majors and/or minors and to study abroad.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Program +

If you are an underrepresented minority student interested in biological research and scientific discovery, the Biology Department offers an undergraduate research program funded by The Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Pre-Health Tracks

The Pre-Health tracks, including the Pre-Med track, prepare you for entering medical or graduate school by providing academic, career, and school application advising.

Pre-Law Track

The Pre-Law track gives you the option of majoring in any field while simultaneously preparing to enter law school. Services include academic advising, information on law schools, and LSAT Practice workshops.

Program for Integrated Science and Math (PRISM) +

PRISM brings together the top freshmen interested in the natural sciences. PRISM classes are advanced versions of the typical track done by a freshman natural science student. It’s a vibrant learning environment that includes special events, small inquiry-based labs, and academic support.