Maggie Dickey

"My favorite part of being a psychology major is the flexibility."

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Maggie Dickey is a psychology major from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She has enriched the lives of many students through the Science Made Sensible program where she was able to teach science to 7th graders. She is passionate about medicine and child psychology.


Maggie Dickey

Lorraine Franco

Major: BFA in Ceramics, Painting,
& Sculpture

Minors: Art History

What’s the best part of being in your major?

My favorite part of being a psychology major is the flexibility within the major.  Not only was I able to pursue other interests with my biology and chemistry minor, the psychology major itself is so diverse.  I have not taken a single psychology class that is like another.  The range of topics that are offered, from child and adolescent development to cultural neuroscience, has broadened my horizons as a student.

What accomplishments or activities while at the UM College of Arts & Sciences are you most proud of?

Last year I participated in the Science Made Sensible program with the biology department.  Through this program, I was paired with a 7th grade class and went in weekly to teach science.  I was able to create my own unique activities and lesson plans in order to make science fun for these students.  I formed amazing relationships with the students and the teacher that I worked with, and it was an extremely rewarding program.


What is your favorite University of Miami memory?

My favorite memory at University of Miami has been from my participation in Camp Kesem this past summer. Camp Kesem is a week long camp for children with parents who have been affected by cancer. It is a camp where these kids get to take their mind off what may be going on at home, and just get to be kids!


Who or what influenced your A&S education the most? How or why?

Working as a peer advising liaison at the undergraduate academic services for psychology office has largely influenced my A&S education.  Not only have I formed a close relationship with my academic advisors and the professors in the department, but I have also developed and refined my professional skills as a liaison between professors, faculty, staff, and students.


What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the third floor balcony of the Shalala Student Center.  It has the perfect view of the lake and surrounding campus and always provides a relaxing atmosphere.‌ 

Donna E Shalala Student Center
Donna E. Shalala Student Center

How did any of your beliefs or interests change during your time at A&S?

My interests did not necessarily change, but they have definitely been broadened through my A&S education.  Entering college, I thought my only interest was pursuing a career in medicine.  Now, although that is still my goal, I have found interest specifically in children psychology as well as teaching children, which I discovered during my participation with Science Made Sensible.


If you were to offer advice to a future ‘Cane, what would you say?

Take advantage of every opportunity that this amazing University has to offer.  Form relationships with your professors, join clubs that are interesting, meet people outside of your normal social circle.  I also strongly recommend taking advantage of the city of Miami, especially if you are like me and not from here.  This city has so much culture and is unlike anywhere else in the United States, so go explore!

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