College of Arts and Sciences Helpdesk

Benjamin Betancourt, Jr.

Manager, IT Lab

(305) 284-3755

Benjamin De Tullio

Supervisor, Desktop Support

(305) 284-4223

Isumy Caridad Fine

Desktop Support Technician

(305) 284-4223 x1105

Omar Gilzean

Desktop Support Technician

(305) 284-4223

Roger Marin

Desktop Support Specialist (F)

(305) 284-6962

Cenkhan Samilgil

Systems Analyst

(305) 284-3197

Luis Vidal

Sr. Manager, Information Technology

(305) 284-9261

Samer Ahmed Zafar

Web Developer

(305) 284-2771

Department of Computer Science

Department of Geography and Regional Studies

Christopher B. Hanson

Manager, IT Lab

(305) 284-6691

Department of Mathematics

Jeffrey A Moskot

Network Administrator

(305) 284-2255

Department of Psychology

Thomas Dekle

Help Desk Technician

(305) 284-1939

Jason E Garstka

Network Administrator

(305) 284-1939

Derek Harmison

Network Administrator

(305) 284-1939
Derek helps maintain the server space for UM investigators.

Andre Perwin

Supervisor, Network

(305) 284-1939
Andre supervises the Psychology Technology Services team, supporting users in multiple locations on both the Coral Gables and Medical campuses. He and his team provide end-user support for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX based systems, and well as provide research and acquisition support for specialized systems for Faculty and Graduate Student...