Summer Research Fellowship

Graduate Student Awards 2024-2025 Announcement

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to offer two programs to Ph.D. students in the College (Dean’s Summer Research Fellowships and Dean’s Academic Year Dissertation Awards). Both programs are designed to offer additional support to doctoral students in their research and dissertation work. These awards are highly competitive, with faculty review committees selecting the recipients in each of the main areas of the College (Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences). Key selection criteria will rely on the quality of the proposed research and the student’s achievement record. Students may apply for both awards but if selected for both can accept only one award.

Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship                                  Award:  $5,000

This fellowship provides funding for doctoral students to pursue research projects during the Summer 2024. Priority will be given to students who have been admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree. Funds may be used as salary support or to cover direct costs for research activities. Expenditures must be incurred during the period May 15 to August 15, 2024. Previous awardees are not eligible. Applications from students who started their graduate work before August 2020 will not be accepted, unless a justification is provided by the DGS in his/her letter. The number of awards will depend on available funding, but a minimum of nine awards is anticipated.

Application Deadline:  December 11, 2023

Notification date:  Late February 2024

Please submit the following materials with your application form at:

  1. Proposal Description (limited to 1500 words)
  2. List of publications, presentations, shows, exhibitions or other scholarly work (please do not include any work in preparation)
  3. Unofficial Student Transcript
  4. Supporting letter from Research Advisor (to be emailed from advisor directly to:
  5. Endorsement letter from Director of Graduate Studies (to be emailed from the DGS directly to:
  6. Provide an approximate budget

No hard copies will be accepted. For questions or further information call the Dean’s Office at 305-284-4117.