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‌Roger E. Kanet, Ph.D.


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Roger E. Kanet is professor of Political Science (since 2014) at the University of Miami, where he served as Dean of the School of International Studies 1997-2000 and as a member of Department of International Studies 1997-2014; he taught at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1973-97), where he was a member of the Department of Political Science and served as Head of that Department, 1984-87, and as Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Director of International Programs and Studies (1989-97). His primary research interests focus on Russia foreign policy, European security, energy in international politics. He has authored more than two hundred thirty scholarly articles and book chapters and edited or coedited thirty-five books, including The Routledge Handbook of Russian Security (forthcoming); The Russian Challenge to the European Security Environment (2017); (with Matthew Sussex), Russia, Eurasia and the New Geopolitics of Energy: Confrontation and Consolidation (2015); (with Matthew Sussex), Power, Politics and Confrontation in Eurasia: Foreign Policy in a Contested Region (2015); (with Rémi Piet), Shifting Priorities in Russia's Foreign and Security Policy, 2014; (with Maria Raquel Feire as Guest Editors), Russia in the New International Order. A special issue of International Politics, vol. 49, no. 4 (July 2012); (with Maria Raquel Freire), Russia and Its Near Neighbours, 2012; (with Maria Raquel Freire), Competing for Influence: the EU and Russia in post-Soviet Eurasia, 2012; (with Maria Raquel Freire), Russia and European Security, 2012; (with Maria Raquel Freire); Russian Foreign policy in the Twenty-first Century, 2010; Key players and Regional Dynamics in Eurasia, 2010; The United States and Europe in a Changing World, 2009; A resurgent Russia and the West: The European Union, NATO and Beyond, 2009; (with Edward A. Kolodziej) From Superpower to Besieged Global Power: Restoring World Order after the Failure of the Bush Doctrine, 2008; Identities, Nations and Politics after Communism, 2008; Russia: Re-Emerging Great Power, 2007; The New Security Environment: The Impact on Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, 2005. He is member of the Council on Foreign Relations, New York.


POL 391/INS 310 From the Soviet Union to the Eurasian Union
POL 386/INS 335 Democratization in Comparative and Historical Perspective
POL 391/INS 341 Nationalism, Ethnicity and Political Conflict
POL 391/INS 367 The Historical Roots of American Imperialism
POL 597/INS 565 The World before European Domination: The Afro-Asian Roots of Modern Europe
POL 391/INS 593 European Security




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