College Website Redesign


We are very excited to to annouce that as of November 30th, 2018 the College's websites as well as it's academic department and program sub-sites were successfully migrated to Cascade! Over 78 websites and over 2600 pages were published. The redesign provides the College features a fresh, clean look and design with media-rich stories and responsive design.

We look forward to receiving your feeback and comments. Please send any requests or questions/comments to Thank you for your assistance and support.


We are pleased to announce that the College of Arts and Sciences will be migrating its website to Cascade web CMS. The migration will allow us the opportunity to refresh our websites while strengthening our presence on the web. New templates and design elements will be adapted for our College and departmental and program web sites to better serve our external audiences, meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff while projecting a unified and consistent University presence. An emphasis has been placed on social media and more content-rich stories and events to engage and increase our visibility to all audiences.

This site will allow us to monitor the progress of the project and answer your questions. In addition, we will be working closely with teams from the College and the University to maintain, develop and update content for departments, centers and programs. We look forward to communicating with you over the coming weeks and months about this exciting project. If you have any questions, please send an email to Samer Zafar at