The College of Arts and Sciences in conjunction with the University's Office of Web and Digital Communications has developed and selected a color scheme that will be applied to the new templates for the College's landing page as well as it's department and program websites.  Sites are organized in the following ways:

  • Primary Master Site
  • Primary Brand Subsites
  • Complimentary Brand Master Site
  • Complimentary Brand Subsites

Color options have been selected by the Website Advisory Commitee and Dean's Office. These color themes will be applied to these four templates. "Cool gray" will be applied to referred to as "primary brand site" and subsites  "dolphin gray" will be appled to department and program sites, referred to as "complimentary brand sites" in the template suite manual. (

cool gray

Cool Gray

dolphin gray

Dolphin Gray

Color scheme and template samples can be found here.


A separate color theme has been selected for the College of Arts and Sciences centers and institutes.

pagoda blue

Pagoda Blue