College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Anthropology

Dr. Ann Brittain 

Dr. Pamela Geller 


Department of English

Dr. Pamela Hammons 

Prof. Mia Leonin 

Dr. Giovanna Pompele 

Prof. Maureen Seaton 

Dr. Mihoko Suzuki


Department of History

Dr. Sumita Dutt 

Dr. Sybil Lipschultz 

Dr. Mary Lindemann 


Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Dr. Chrissy Arce 

Prof. Mary Bartsh 

Dr. Suzanne Braswell 

Dr. Christina Civantos 

Dr. Anne J. Cruz 

Dr. Mona EL-Sherif 

Dr. Laura Giannetti 

Dr. Elena Grau-Llevería 

Dr. Ralph Heyndels 

Dr. Lillian Manzor 

Dr. Gema Pérez-Sánchez 

Dr. Maria Galli Stampino 


Department of Political Science

Dr. Merike Blofield 


Department of Theatre Arts

Dr. Darren Blaney 


Ecosystem Science and Policy


Dr. Gina Maranto 


School of Nursing and Health Studies


Dr. Joseph de Santis