‌Christine Kellogg

Dance Area Head

Christine Kellogg joins our department from the Theatre Departmentat UCLA, where she received her BA in World Arts and Cultures. Christine taught Theatre Dance, Jazz, and Tap at Carnegie Mellon and Ballet and Modern Dance at Cal Arts. As a professional dancer and actress, Christine preformed musicals on Broadway as well as many national and international tours, danced with ballet companies, and acted and danced on TV and film. Her choreography credits include:Candide, Company, Temptation, Hair, Blame It On the Movies, Jesus Christ, Superstar, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Bert Rigby, You’re a Fool, Kaleidoscope Ballet, Project New Hope, the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus, and the Nutcracker Ballet. She has had the opportunity to work with renowned teachers and choreographers such as Agnes DeMille, Bob Fosse, Peter Gennaro, Micheal Bennet, Julie Arnel, Joe Layton, Gemze de Lappe, Lee Theodore, Michael Barishnikov, and David Howard.

Phone: (305) 284-5677

E-mail: ckellogg@miami.edu