Pre-Law Course Offerings in Sociology

The Department of Sociology has created a Pre-Law Outreach program for students wishing to attend law school and work in the criminal justice system. Although the American Bar Association does not recommend a specific undergraduate major to students wishing to obtain a degree in law, they encourage students to pursue an area of interest. To this end, the Department of Sociology has designated courses and cognates that provide students the opportunity to become well versed in the sociological theories, paradigms and research efforts directly pertinent to the law, criminal behavior, or the criminal justice system. Students with these interests should consider a major or minor in Criminology or Sociology.

Sociology Courses and Cognates for Pre-Law Interested Students


SOC 101  Introduction to Sociology

SOC 270  Deviant Behavior

SOC 271  Criminal Justice

SOC 303  Social Inequalities

SOC 304   Dynamics of Poverty in the United States

SOC 365   Internship

SOC 368   Violence in America

SOC 369   Crime and Public Policy

SOC 370   Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 371   Criminology

SOC 372   Criminology: Police and Community

SOC 373   Criminology: Courts and Society

SOC 374  Criminology: Corrections

SOC 377  Sociology of Drug Abuse

SOC 378   Criminology: Law and Society

SOC 487  Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice

SOC 488  Gender and Crime



In addition to these courses, the Department of Sociology administers People and Society cognates that may be of interest to Pre-Law students:


Pre-Law: Social Foundations of the Legal System

Race and Ethnic Relations in the US

Social Institutions


Inquiries regarding the Department of Sociology Pre-Law Outreach Program should be directed to:

 Jan Sokol-Katz, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Department of Sociology Pre-Law Outreach Program
Department of Sociology
120 E Merrick
(305) 284-6178

Inquiries regarding the Pre-Law advising should be directed to:

Edward Cruz
Toppel Career Center 
5225 Ponce De Leon Blvd
(305) 284-5451

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