Marvin P. Dawkins, Ph.D.


Flipse Building, Room 119
(305) 284-6127

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                                                    Last Updated On: December 2017

  • Ph.D., Sociology, Florida State University, 1975

  • M.S., Sociology, Florida State University, 1973

  • B.S., Social Sciences, Edward Waters College, 1970

  • Sociology

  • Race-ethnic relations, urban, sport, equity, substance use, mobility and attainment, African American Studies

  • SOC 387 Race and Ethnic Relations

  • SOC 388 The Black Ghetto in Urban Society

  • SOC 652 Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations

  • Sanchez-Violatier, Christina, Jomills Henry Braddock, II, Adrienne Milner, Ashley Mikulyuk and Marvin P. Dawkins. (2017). “Gender Diversity and U.S. Olympic Team Success at the 2012 London Games” in Adrienne Milner and Jomills Henry Braddock, II (eds.), Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers, Facing Obstacles, Volume One. Sportswomen and Teams. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

    Sokol-Katz, J. S., M. S. Kelley, L. Basinger-Fleischman, J. H. Braddock, II, and M. P. Dawkins (in press). “TEAMS (Teaching Excellence Achievement and Motivation through Sport): A Case Study of a University-Community Collaboration” in Van Rheenen, D. and DeOrnellas, J. M. (Eds.). Envisioning Scholar-Practitioner Collaborations: Communities of Practice in Education and Sport. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

    Braddock, Jomills Henry II, Sanchez-Volatier, Christina, Dawkins, Marvin, Milner, Adrienne, Mikulyuk (forthcoming). Diversity and Organizational Productivity: Examining the Role of Race and Gender in U.S. Olympic Team Success at the 2012 London Games in Nicholas Villanueva (Ed.). Athlete as a National Symbol: Politics, Protest, and Social Justice. McFarland & Company.

    Dawkins, M.P., & Braddock,J.H. (2015).  Teeing off against Jim Crow:  Black golf and its early development in Washington, D.C. In D. Wiggins and C. Elzey (Eds.), DC sports: A nation's capital at play.  Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas Press.

  • Pickett, M. W., Dawkins, M. P., & Braddock, J. H. (2012). Race and gender equity in sports: Have white and African American females benefited equally from Title IX?” The American Behavioral Scientist, 56, 1581-1603.

  • Braddock , J. H., Smith, E., and Dawkins, M. (2012). "Race and Pathways to Power in the National Football League,"American Behavioral Scientist, 56: 711-727.

  • Editorial BoardJournal of Race and Policy, 2004 - 

  • Faculty AdvisorFEF Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 2002 - 

  • Editorial BoardNegro Education Review, 1996 -