Sociology and Criminology Graduate Course Offerings 

Spring 2019




602 R

Contemporary Sociological Theory

T 2:00-4:30

Dr. John Murphy 

611 G

Advanced Sociological Statistical Analysis

M 2:30-5:00 

Dr. Marisa Omori 

620 H

Social Epidemiology 

W 5:30-8:00


622 F

Teaching Seminar in Sociology 

W 2:30-5:00

Dr. Amie Nielsen 

636 R

Health Diversity across the Life Course

R 2:00-4:30

Dr. Robert Johnson 

650 P

Social Analysis of Race Relations

T 11:00-1:30

Dr. Jomills Braddock

670 T

Theories in Criminology and Criminal Justice

T 6:00-8:30 

Dr. Roger Dunham 

677 T

 Criminology and Public Policy

R 6-8:30

Dr. Olena Antonaccio 

681 J

Sociology of Violence 

M 6:00-8:30

Dr. Amie Nielsen