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SEEDS UM-wide networking dinner on October 19th, 2009, hosted 120 people from all three UM campuses. The event began with a networking and dinner session during which monitors profiled SEEDS people and events and participants interacted with people they knew, and people they didn't know. The keynote address by President Donna Shalala described the importance of diversity programs nationwide and her strong support for SEEDS activities at UM. SEEDS endeavors were briefly highlighted by speakers: SEEDS Director Kathryn Tosney, SEEDS You Choose Award Winners Tulay Koru-Sengul, Lisa Beal, Eunji Lim, Paquita Zuidema and (represented by Mary Lou King) Joy Lincoln as well as Speed Mentoring participants, Claudia Rodrigues, Angela Knapp and Marilyn Brandtan. The program included an audience perception survey that used "student response units" to gather people's perceptions on UM's climate. 

The evening culminated with the inaugural SEEDS Interactive Theatre skit, The Mid-Term Review for Tenure,presented by SEEDS Theatre Director Jennifer Burke, stage manager Christine D'Amore, facilitator David Wilsonand the SEEDS Repertory Players Janet Allard, Maha McCain, Marc Mocohbe, Glenn Patron, Lee Soroko andJennifer Vellenga. Thanks to Tanya Busch for the photos below.

Downloadable resources
Application form for a You Choose award (due December 15) docx, 48 KB 
Career survival resources list mentioned by Kathryn Tosney pdf 104 KB
Slides of SEEDS people and events pptx 14 MB
Results of the audience climate perception survey
 pptx, 1.1 MB
List of event participants url
SEEDS annual networking event: program pamphlet pdf 408 KB 

Networking Session






Speakers and their audience 







The Mid-Term Review for Tenure 

Sketch 1: The chair and the candidate


Sketch 2: The prior faculty meeting


Audience watching the theatre performance


"Faculty" responding to audience questions



Audience members querying the faculty: interactive theatre!~