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04/03/2018 You Choose Program - Finding Your Niche in Science and Society - by Prof. Julia Dallman 
04/03/2018 Career Workshops Program - Presentational Skills and Career Networking Development-theatrical Training (RSMAS Campus) by Prof. Laura Rikard 
04/05/2018 You Choose Program - Seminar on Mentoring Relationships By Dr. Sheila Ann Conway (Medical Campus) 
04/6/2018 You Choose Program - Mentoring Relationsips as a Model for Transforming Culture By Prof. Lisa Beal and Prof. Amy Clement 
04/11/2018 Distinguished Speaker Dr. Rita Colwell - Lecture co-sponsored by RSMAS/DEIC
04/12/2018 Distinguished Speaker Dr. Rita Colwell - Career Lecture co-sponsored by RSMAS/DEIC
04/14/2018 You Choose Program - TDB - Prof. Ter-Gazaryan & Prof. Twichell RSVP
04/19/2018 You Choose Program - (not very) Odd Pairings - A Symposium on Interdisciplinary, Computational Research By Dr. Athina Hadjixenofontos 
10/25/2018 Distinguished Guest Speaker - Dr. Elizabeth Phelps, Julius Silver Professor of Psychology and Neural Science. New York University "Mechanisms of Threat Control" 

This schedule is subject to change. For additional information, please contact Ann Schopp, Manager, SEEDS Programs, at or