Welcome to the Friends of Theatre

Friends of Theatre was founded in September of 1972. Our goals over the years have increased somewhat, but have never gotten off the track.

Our primary goals are:

  • To help students by providing scholarships to enable them to achieve their dreams.
  • To assist the Department of Theatre Arts and its talented young students to become the finest in the country.
  • To work with the university to make the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre a jewel in the community by supporting the beautification and technology of the physical plant.
  • To serve as a link so that all members will have the opportunity to meet and greet fellow members, students and faculty at Jerry Herman Ring openings, theatre parties, meetings and other social events.

Please explore our web site to discover who we are, the privileges of membership and how you might join us! Click here to read a special message from Friends of Theatre President Camille King.


Meet the Friends - 2013-2014



  • President: Carol Newport
  • V.P. Hospitality: Christa Karle
  • V.P. Booksales: Myrna Palley
  • V.P. Membership: Sandra Hutchinson
  • V.P Events: Evelyn Budde
  • Recording Secretary: Margaret Rente
  • Corresponding Secretary: Peggy Vital
  • Treasurer: Sheldon Palley
  • Assistant Treasurer: Patricia L. Crow
  • Parliamentarian: David Smith
  • Past President: Camille O. King



  • Sheldon & Myrna Palley
  • Peggy Vital



  • Carmen Bishopric
  • Clifford and Norma Hall
  • Ruthe Howard
  • Dick and Camille King
  • Hilda and Jess Lawhorn
  • Carol Newport
  • Sybil J. Pulver
  • Judy H. and John K. Schulte
  • Rachel Spiegel and Seth Spiegel
  • Mrs. J. Vineberg
  • Ed and Carol Williamson
  • Marta and Karl Wulf



  • John Anderson
  • Harvey and Jan Benefield
  • Evelyn Budde
  • Rita Deutsch
  • Diane V. Baker and George F. Giampetro
  • Jeanne Heyward
  • Helen Hinds
  • Renee and David Lieberman
  • Marty Milks
  • Dorothy Moss
  • Margaret R. Rente
  • Maggie and Bernie Silverstein
  • David H. Smith
  • Corrine Turner
  • Edythe and Herb Quartin
  • Judith Welsh


  • Ruth Biel
  • John Softness and Carol Blades
  • Thor Bruce
  • Ame and Drs. Paul and Charlene Canali
  • Gloria Villa and Dr. Ronald Clark
  • Patricia H. and Jay Clarke    
  • Betty and Mike Cooper
  • Chrissie and Angelo Demos
  • June D. Edwards
  • Kay Fahringer
  • Ann and Jim Foley
  • Ronald and Dorothy Gili
  • Martha Calhoun Hobbs
  • Dixie Animal Hospital
  • Sandra and Albert N. Hutchinson
  • Nina and Paul Indianer
  • Christa Karle
  • Natalie and Howard Kleinberg
  • Hank Langston
  • Phyllis M. Lane
  • Anne Leidel
  • Dr. Eleanor and Mr. Gil Levine
  • Naomi McKinney
  • Dr. Barbara Moller
  • Alan Moylan
  • Althea Peck
  • Ron and Linda Pinder
  • Ted and Margaret Sarafoglu
  • Johanna S. Teague
  • Vann and Parker Thomson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Waldin Jr.
  • Carole & Marshall Waldman
  • Helen P. Briggle & Robert G. Wilson
  • Eleanor C. Zahner


Membership Categories and Benefits

The Friends of Theatre, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the University of Miami Department of Theatre Arts and productions at the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre. Membership fees are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please note that tickets to productions and receptions are not tax deductible.

As a Member you will:

  • Connect with other people who share your passion and commitment for Theatre.
  • Support the amazing and talented Theatre Arts students at the University of Miami.
  • Deepen your community experience and strengthen your ties to the University of Miami.
  • Gain private access and special privileges (such as receptions and outings).
  • Be recognized in public for your gift.

Click here to view a complete list of all membership categories and benefits. 


3-S Club - Sponsor a Special Student

Friends of Theatre is working with the Theatre Arts Department at the University of Miami to reward specially selected students with paid for tickets to be used when Friends has their fund raiser shows at South Florida Theatres. This new partnership went into effect in October, 2007 and continues to benefit these special students at the several theatre outings that Friends of Theatre organizes.

Friends and members of the community who are unable to attend these shows but would like to sponsor a student may contribute the going price for a ticket or tickets. Members of Friends who are attending the show will have the same opportunity to sponsor a student.

Hopefully there can be interaction at the theatre between the Friends and the selected students. Sponsors provide the tickets and the fortunate students will be selected by the Theatre Arts Department.

For information and reservations, please contact Marshall Waldman at 305-271-9478.