Drew Billings Ph.D.


Ashe 507

Drew W. Billings earned his PhD at McGill University in 2016. He is a historian of religion and the author of Acts of the Apostles and the Rhetoric of Roman Imperialism (Cambridge University Press, 2017), which compares methods of representation in Acts with visual and verbal representations circulating during the reign of the Roman emperor Trajan (98-117 CE). His research is interdisciplinary in exploring how early Jewish and Christian texts can and should be regarded as an integral part of the material and discursive culture of provincial life surviving from the Roman Empire, exemplifying how different peoples, at different social levels, created new identities as they interacted with Roman culture.

Before coming to the University of Miami, Professor Billings taught at Western Michigan University (Michigan), Kalamazoo College (Michigan), Hobart and William Smith Colleges (New York), Pepperdine University (California), Chapman University-Brandman (California), St. Michael’s College (Vermont), and McGill University (Quebec). Professor Billings teaches The Rise of Judaism; Jewish Civilization; Introduction to the New Testament; St. Paul and His Letters; Jesus and the Gospels; and The Bible and Modern Film.

Course Offerings in Fall 2018: 

REL 121 - Introduction to the New Testament

REL 325 - Jesus in Myth and History 

REL  345 - Religion and Gender