April 26-28, 2013 - "Subjectivity and the Other in Prophetic Consciousness: Contextual Reading and the Construction of Identity" at the Society of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion, Inaugural Conference 2013. Chicago, Illinois.

August 19-20, 2013 - "'I Gave Them Laws that Were Not Good' (Ezek 20:25): A Biblical Model of Complex Subjectivity and the Prospects of Multi-racial/ethnic Contextual Reading" at the Faculty of Theology International Conference, North-West University (Potchefstroom, South Africa). Conference Theme: "The Role and Influence of Biblical Values on Social Change."

August 25-31, 2013 - "Exile as Identity: African Americans, Palestinians, and the Book of Ezekiel," at the Diyar Consortium's 7th International Conference: Palestinian Identity in Relation to Time and Space. Dar Annadwa, Bethlehem, West Bank.


Dr. Graf at Jebel Manshir in Wadi Rum (1980)


July - December 2015 - At the American Center of Oriental Research in Amman Jordan as the NEH Fellow. Doing research on Greek, Aramaic, and North Arabian texts I have gathered over the past 30 years. Travelled all over the country from the Syrian border to Aqaba in the south.

May 6-10, 2015 - I attended the Second Conference on "Studies in Nabataean Culture" sponsored by King Abdullah and hosted by Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I read a paper on "The Saga of Syllaeus Revisited" (Syllaeus was the Vizier of the Nabataean King Obodas III" who traveled across the Aegean to Rome, where he was a favorite of Augustus for a time.

May 15 - July 1, 2015 - I was an Official Visitor at the School of Historical Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, where I became a member in 2008. I worked on a number of projects including an 8-line Greek epitaph of an Arabian official who served in Anatolia in 312/3 AD.

July 13-16, 2015 - I hosted with Dr. Haim Shaked, the director of the Miller Center on Contemporary Judaism, an ARAM conference on "The Jordan" at the Oriental Institute at Oxford. There were 30 papers presented, most of which will be published in the ARAM journal at Oxford.


David Graf received an NEH and CAORC (Council of American Overseas Research Centers) Senior Fellowship for July 1-December 31, 2014 from the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR). This fellowship will allow Graf to publish 30 years of research, on epigraphic material from desert surveys, while in residency at the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) in Amman. Jordan. This is the second time that Graf has received this award, the first was in 1980. Founded in 1968, the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) in Amman, Jordan, is a private, international, non-profit academic institution dedicated to promoting research and publication in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, ancient through modern history, art history, conservation and preservation studies, Arabic and other Near Eastern languages, Islamic studies, and many other fields related to Near Eastern studies.


Dr. Green featured in Mispacha magazine (2015)

January 2014 - Produced the short film What We Left Behind. It has played in 4 countries (Canada, Israel, UK, and USA). The film follows the rescue of Jewish archival items in the early days of the Iraq war. These items were restored by the National Archives and placed on exhibition in Washington, D.C. and New York. (link to film, password: sephardi)

May 2015 - What We Left Behind was shown followed by the feature film, The Dove Flyer, of the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. Attencace was 750 for each showing.

May 2015 - Henry Green recently spoke to Herzliah High School students about Sephardi Voices, which raises awareness of the plight of some 250,000 Jews who were forced to leave Arab lands after the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 (link to article in French)

May 2015 - Discussed issues Sephardi Jews face in France in a program called “Jews from Arab Lands: Charlie Hebdo and the New Face of Anti-Semitism." The talk was covered in Miami's SunSentinel. (link to article)

June 2015 - "Jews from Arab Lands: Charlie Hebdo and the New Face of Anti-Semitism" covered in Johannesburg, South Africa. (link to article)

July 2015 - Was featured in Mispacha, the #1 Orthodoz Judaism magazine. The article discusses Dr. Green's travels across the world to record the "forgotten exodus." (link to article) 

August 2016 - Dr. Green was interviewed by CBC Radio Canada for their morning show Metro Morning with Jill Dempsey. Dr. Green spoke about his project Sephardi Voices, the stories of the one million Jews who were displaced from the Middle East and North Africa. (link to interview)

June 2017 - Israel's leading newspaper, Haretz, published online in English and in their hard copy in Hebrey, an article that featured Dr. Green's project Sephardi Voices. It has received countless hits around the world. (link to article)

July 2017 - Dr. Green discusses the impact technology has on the religious customs of Judaism in the magazine Montage Miami. Montage is reported and produced by high school students attending the Peace Sullivan/James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and New Media, hosted by the School of Communication. (link to article)


Dr. Ritzinger near Mount Fanjing in the interior province of Guizhou, China (2015)

Over the summer, Professor Ritzinger traveled to China with the support of a Provost Research Award. There he conducted research on Buddhism, tourism, and development in the contemporary People’s Republic. This project focuses on two mountains, both of which have begun to claim to be the fifth sacred mountain of Chinese Buddhism (in addition to the traditional four) and the home of the bodhisattva Maitreya: Mount Xuedou in the coastal province of Zhejiang and Mount Fanjing in the interior province of Guizhou. Professor Ritzinger visited both mountains to collect materials and conduct fieldwork. While in China he also gave a lecture at East China Normal University, a major research institution in Shanghai. (link to more pictures)


Dr. Walsh near the Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, Italy (2015)

Dr. Walsh spent a portion of the summer in Rome researching two projects related to diaspora Judaism and the influence of Fascism on Roman archaeology. Her work was supported by the University of Miami Provost Research Award and the American University in Rome. (link to more pictures)