March 12th-14th, 2015
University of Miami
Chair: Joseph Uscinski


Welcome to the conference home page. This page will be updated regularly with important information about the conference. For fear of raising the ire of both conspiracy theorists and government eavesdroppers, this conference is not open to the public due to both space and catering considerations. Inquiries can be sent to Professor Joseph Uscinski at

The purpose of this conference is to bring together scholars from across disciplinary and geographic boundaries. While disciplinary specialization has served most academic pursuits well, it has not served the study of conspiracy theories. With a diverse set of scholars tackling issues related to conspiracy theories and conspiratorial beliefs, there is a growing tendency to talk past researchers in other disciplines. Given the recent surge of academic attention to this topic, there exists an opportunity to share approaches, integrate methodologies, and communicate important findings. 

This conference features more than fifty participants from nine countries, thirty-five institutions, and fifteen disciplines. Indeed, the study of conspiracy theories is an international and interdisciplinary endeavor.   

The conference includes thirty-six paper presentations and three keynote addresses. Drawing on a broad range of approaches, the authors and presenters focus on four enduring questions: What is a conspiracy theory? Why do (or don’t) people believe in conspiracy theories? What are the consequences of conspiracy theories? Where does the study of conspiracy theories go from here? While there is likely no singular answer to any of these questions, it is likely that our discussions will lead to better answers and a clearer trajectory for future research.   

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