Olga Korotkova

Fall 2017 class: PHY 513/613
email: korotkova@physics.miami.edu
voice: (305) 284 6866
Fax: (305) 284 4222
Rm 306, James L. Knight Physics Building
1320 Campo Sano Ave., Coral Gables, Fl. 33146

My group focuses on various issues relating to interaction of electromagnetic radiation (predominantly light) with such random media as atmospheric and oceanic turbulence, particulate media (e.g. human tissues), rough surfaces, etc. Two basic problems: a) direct - modulation of properties of radiation and b) inverse - active/passive sensing of the random structures are of interest. Our research runs from intrinsically theoretical (prediction of new phenomena) to purely practical (new approaches for communication and radar systems) and often involves, as an auxiliary stage, computer simulations. One of our new concentration areas is the possibility of using light with arbitrary spectral, coherence and polarization properties for enhancement of performance of the systems of interest.

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