Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi

Professor and Associate Chair
Fall 2017 class:   PHY 205
email: galeazzi@physics.miami.edu
voice: (305) 284 7141
Fax: (305) 284 4222
Rm 319, James L. Knight Physics Building
1320 Campo Sano Ave., Coral Gables, Fl. 33146

Astronomical object emit, in general, at all wavelength, not just visible light. Moreover, there are specific objects, such as Black Holes and Supernovae, that emit primarily in X-rays. X-rays, such as the ones used in radiography, are similar to visible light, but with wavelength 1000 times shorter. My work involves the construction of X-ray detectors for space. Since X-ray do not penetrate Earth's atmosphere, the detectors are mounted either on board of sounding rockets or satellites. The same detectors are also used in the laboratory for particle physics and the search for dark matter. Using data from existing satellites, I also study the property of interstellar and intergalactic gas (the reservoir for future galaxies and stars) to understand the evolution of our Universe.

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