Dr. He Wang

Assistant Professor
Fall 2017 class: PHY 201
email: hxw373@miami.edu
voice: (305) 284 7126
Fax: (305) 284 4222
Rm 315 , James L. Knight Physics Building
1320 Campo Sano Ave., Coral Gables, Fl. 33146



Research Summary:

I received my PhD from Princeton University in 2013 and then went to UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab as a postdoctoral fellow. My research interests focus on investigating device physics and photophysics of organic and organic-inorganic hybrid optoelectronic materials. I utilize ultrafast laser spectroscopy to understand excited state dynamics and synchrotron based X-ray techniques to characterize materials structure. Combining with the study on device physics, I seek to better understand basic physics, chemistry, and potential application of next-generation solar cells, light-emitting diodes, transistors, and lasers.

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