Recent Ph.D. Graduates

A graduate degree in physics prepares one for many different career paths, both physics and in widely varying fields. Recent graduates have gone on to post-doctoral fellowships at such leading Universities as Brown University, University of Chicago, University of Durham, and the University of Oxford.

Our most recent graduates are:


Anjali Gupta, "The Study of Diffuse Soft X-Ray Background", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi.

Krishna Neupane, "Studies of the Insulator-Metal Transition in La(1-x)CaxMnO3 and Thin-Film Growth of Nd(0.2)Sr(0.8)MnO3"Advisor: Dr. Josh Cohn.

Mustafa Sarisaman,"Target Space Pseudoduality in Supersymmetric Sigma Models on Symmetric Spaces", Advisor: Dr. Orlando Alvarez


Daniela F. Bogorin, "Superconducting iridium thin films as transition edge sensors", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi. Current position: Post Doctoral Associate, Univ. of Pittsburgh (Prof. Jeremy Levy).


Corneliu D. Chiorescu,"Transport Studies of Lightly Electron-Doped Manganese Oxides", Advisor: Dr. Joshua Cohn.

Rajan Murgan, "Bethe ansatz and open spin-1/2 XXZ quantum spin chain", Advisor: Dr. Rafael Nepomechie. Current position: Instructor, Gustavus Adolphus College.

Blazej Ruszcycki, "Target Space Duality with Tachyon and Dilaton Fields", Advisor: Dr. Orlando Alvarez. Current position: Post Doctoral Associate, University of Miami (Prof. Neil Johnson).

Hengsong Zhang, "Excess noise in the superconducting transition of tin films", Advisor: Dr. Fulin Zuo. Current position: Post Doctroal Associate, SUNY, Buffalo, New York.