Welcome to the Department of Philosophy at the University of Miami

The Philosophy Department offers a wide range of courses at the undergraduate level which cover every major area of philosophy as well as its history. Students can major or minor in the subject. In addition, the department sponsors two undergraduate philosophy organizations: the Philosophy Club, which is open to all UM undergraduates, and Phi Sigma Tau, a chapter of the National Honor Society in Philosophy. Both groups afford students regular opportunities to meet, eat, and talk philosophy with each other and with graduate students and faculty in the department. All undergraduates who are interested in philosophy are welcome to participate in these philosophical events.


The Department of Philosophy is very excited to announce three new hires in our department!

On July 1, 2018 Anjan Chakravartty will join our department as Endowed Chair for the Study of Atheism, Humanism, and Secular Ethics. Click here for an article about the recent appointment.

This fall, Helen Yetter-Chappell and Richard Yetter Chappell will join our department, each as Assistant Professor.


Schedule of Philosophy Talks 2017-2018:

Colloquium Series: (All talks are from 12pm-2pm)

Nov 10th Mark Richard (Harvard)

Nov 17th Sinan Dogramaci (UT Austin)

Jan 19th Derk Pereboom (Cornell) 

Feb 16th Agustin Rayo (MIT) 

Mar 23rd Fiona Macpherson (Glasgow)

Olazabal Lecture in Aesthetics:

Feb 2nd Talk by Greg Currie (York)

Cognitive Studies Lecture:

Apr 6th Joshua Knobe (Yale) (host: Brendan)

Invited Speaker Series:

Oct 20th Cristian Soto (Universidad de Chile) 

Nov 3rd Marcos Silva (Alagoas, Brazil)

Dec 1st Erik Stei (Bonn, Germany)

Conferences and Workshops 2017-2018:

Cognitive Studies Graduate Symposium:

Dec 6th papers by graduate students from philosophy and psychology from UM and FIU 

Workshop with Gregory Currie:

Feb 1st Author-Meets-Critics Workshop with Greg Currie (York)

Inclusiveness Conference:

Apr 19th – 20th Third Inclusiveness Conference with Sally Haslanger (MIT)