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The Department of Philosophy is growing and philosophically vibrant.  In the last few years, we made three senior appointments: Colin McGinn (who began in January, 2006), Otávio Bueno, and Mark Rowlands (both of whom began in academic year 2006-7). We have also recently made three junior appointments: Elijah Chudnoff (Ph.D., Harvard University; epistemology, and philosophy of mind), Bradford Cokelet (Ph.D., Northwestern University; ethics, moral psychology, and history of ethics), and Nicholas Stang (Ph.D., Princeton University; Kant, Analytic Metaphysics, and Early Modern Philosophy).  Over the coming years, the department will also be making additional hires. The department’s areas of specialization are in epistemology,  metaphysics, philosophy of mind, ethics, and philosophy of logic.  It also has particular strengths in philosophy of art, pragmatism,  philosophy of science, and philosophy of education.  In particular, the graduate program has special strength in the area of virtue ethics. Both Michael Slote and Brad Cokelet direct graduate students working in virtue theory or on related topics like care ethics, feminist ethics, and ethical rationalism vs. sentimentalism.

We are dedicated to offering graduate students close personal attention and professional mentoring, along with intensive philosophical training. About 25 students are currently enrolled in the program, a relatively small size that facilitates contact between the students and the faculty and ensures that graduate students are an integral part of department life.

The Department offers a program of graduate study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. Students who enter without the M.A. and who fulfill the relevant requirements are awarded the M.A. degree as they work towards the Ph.D., but we have no stand alone M.A. program. The Ph.D. program is specifically designed to prepare students for careers as professional teachers and researchers in philosophy, not only by way of coursework and research supervision, but also through professional mentoring and opportunities for philosophical development both inside and outside the classroom.

Each entering student is assigned a mentor from among the faculty, and faculty members lead professional development seminars on such topics as teaching, preparing work for publication, and preparing for the job market.

The Department prides itself on providing a friendly and congenial atmosphere for doing philosophy, with opportunities for informal interaction among students and faculty at events like the graduate student conferences, colloquia and post-colloquium dinners, and meeting of the Miami Forum.

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