1.      The UMGSCE shall host conferences open to every area of epistemology, broadly conceived, including but not limited to: epistemic logic, philosophy of science, formal and informal epistemology, historical problems of epistemology, the methods of philosophy, social epistemology, belief revision theory, etc.; even if the conference emphasizes a special theme in epistemology, e.g., epistemic logic, the call for papers shall still be open to papers in general epistemology.

2.      The UMGSCE shall be held annually in January or February. 

(The Conference Organizer:)

3.      The organizer of the UMGSCE must submit to both the acting chair of the department and the acting president of the Miami Forum a proposal and budget for each year’s conference no later than April 1.  The conference organizer must also solicit a conference committee to aid in the execution of the proposal.

4.      The conference organizer must also submit a request the dean for conference funding no later than April 1.

5.      The conference organizer is responsible for judiciously selecting current graduate students in the department to comment on selected papers and is responsible for reviewing the commentaries written by those students prior to the actual event. 

 (The Structure of UMGSCE)

6.      At least one prominent epistemologist will be invited as keynote speaker and at least one outstanding graduate alumni of the UM philosophy department will be invited as a guest speaker to the UMGSCE

7.        A call for papers will be issued and from the submissions received at least four students from other universities will be invited to present papers at the conference.