Some Online Papers

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“Trivial Inferences to Ontological Categories?” (with Javier Cumpa), forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2018.
“Non-Causal Explanations: Science and Mathematics”, forthcoming in Analysis, 2018.
“Quantifier Variance Dissolved” (with Suki Finn), forthcoming in Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 82, 2018.
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“Identity in Physics and Elsewhere”, forthcoming in Cadernos de História e Filosofia da Ciência, 2018.
“Empiricism in the Philosophy of Mathematics”, forthcoming in Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2018.
“Quasi-Truth: What it Means and Why it Matters” [in Portuguese], forthcoming in D. Matos (ed.), Newton da Costa, 80 Anos (João Pessoa: Editora da UFPB, 2018).
“Philosophy of Science” (with Thomas Meier), forthcoming in Oxford Bibliographies, 2018.

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