University of Miami History Professor to Lead American Historical Association

Mary Lindemann, professor and chair of the History Department at the University of Miami College of Arts & Sciences, has been elected president of the American Historical Association (AHA) for a term beginningin January 2020.

“I am particularly pleased and honored to be chosen by the members of the AHA as the future President of the Association,” said Lindemann. “It is an honor and privilege to represent the profession of history in all public arenas. I look forward to reaching out to historians no matter where they are or in what capacity they serve. Furthermore, I take it as my mission to defend the humanities vigorously without being defensive about their value.”

Lindemann is a historian of early modern Europe, principally Germany and the Low Countries. Her thematic interests have included social, political, and diplomatic history. She is also a historian of medicine and public health who has participated in the construction of programs in medical humanities.

More recently, Lindemann has developed a project analyzing the impact of early modern wars on the environment and infrastructures. She remains deeply committed to teaching and scholarship and looks forward to continue those pursuits while President of the AHA. Likewise, she will remain an active member of the faculty of the University of Miami, her intellectual and academic “home” since 2004. She previously taught for seventeen years at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

Lindemann was awarded the 1998 William Welch Book Prize by the American Association of the History of Medicine for her book, “Health and Healing in Eighteenth-Century Germany” (1996). She also served as a member of the AHA’s Professional Division from 2004 to 2006 and is currently president of the German Studies Association. In the Fall 2015 semester, she served as acting director of the Center for the Humanities at UM and has also received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the Shelby Cullom Davis Center (Princeton University), and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, to name a few.

The AHA, with over 14,000 members, is the largest professional organization serving historians in all fields and professions, and it is considered a trusted voice for history education and the professional work of historians. 

August 28, 2018