UM College of Arts and Sciences Psychology Professors Appointed Rising Stars

The Association of Psychological Science has recognized two professors from the Department of Psychology as Rising Stars in their field.

The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to announce that Dr. Aaron Heller and Dr. Elizabeth Simpson from the Department of Psychology have been recognized as Rising Stars by the Association for Psychological Science (APS). The Rising Star Award is given to individuals whose innovative work provides the promise of excellence in research and a potentially broad impact.
Dr. Aaron Heller’s work focuses on the temporal dynamics of positive emotion (i.e., how we sustain or don't sustain positive emotion) in depressed and healthy individuals. He uses a variety of methods including brain imaging (fMRI), psychophysiological (facial EMG and skin conductance), and experience sampling techniques to better understand emotion and psychopathology.
Dr. Elizabeth Simpson focuses on the development of social cognition and how infants begin to understand their social world. She studies some of the early foundational social skills, including face perception and imitation in infants from birth through the first year of life.


Dr. Aaron Heller and Dr. Elizabeth Simpson

February 25, 2016