UM College of Arts & Sciences Department of Anthropology Offers Academic Track For Students Seeking Experience in the Medical Professions

The University of Miami College of Arts & Sciences Anthropology Department is offering an interdisciplinary academic program for undergraduate students interested in the medical professions.

“Students who want exposure to widely varied health practices in multiple cultural settings will find the Medical Anthropology track challenging and stimulating,” said Dr. Bryan Page, professor of anthropology and track advisor. “Course content in this track can also prepare students who intend to enroll in medical school to communicate effectively in clinical settings that involve intercultural variation and non‌-biomedical belief systems. The intercultural diversity in the University of Miami’s classrooms provides an edifying setting for discussion of health beliefs.”

A degree in Anthropology with a Medical Anthropology track prepares students for a career in the fields of medical research, public health, international health, nutrition, disaster relief, epidemiology, forensics or genetic counseling.  The track includes six advanced courses that address concepts in global health, and the skills students can use to study health and healthcare around the world. Students can choose from a course list that includes Folk and Alternative Medicine, Ancient Medicine, Primate Behavior and Adaption, and Forensic Anthropology, to name a few.

The track also offers students the opportunity to participate in fieldwork, research, and internship opportunities with UM faculty in locales throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. To learn more about the new Medical Anthropology Track click here or visit,

February 24, 2016