New Faculty: Chaoming Song

What's your hometown?

Zhoushan, China. An archipelago area in the east coastline of China:


What is your educational background?


B.S. in physics, Fudan University, China, 1997-2001.

M.S./Ph.D. in physics, City College of New York, 2001-2008.

Research Associate, Northeastern University, 2008-2012.

Research Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, 2012-2013

Research Associate, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2009-2013


What are your current research and teaching interests?

 I'm interested in applying tools brought from statistical physics to a wide range of topics, including traditional physics problems on disorder materials such as granular matters and glasses, and complex systems emerged in biology, the computer science and social science. Currently I'm working on uncovering laws and principles governing large scale social dynamics, such as human mobility patterns and online interactions.


What do you like to do when you're not researching or teaching? (Hobbies, etc.)

reading (indoor) and hiking (outdoor)


How did your career lead you to UM?

I've been involved in the interdisciplinary researches that study complex phenomena emerged in various fields for around 10 years, first in the CUNY and later moved to Center for Complex Network Research in NortheasternUniversity. It would be my great pleasure to join UM through the Complexity initiative.


How does your research impact society?

My researches focus on understanding large scale dynamics of our society which are strongly connected with everyone's life, e.g. understanding mobility patterns is crucial for city planning and traffic engineering, as is for estimating the magnitude of the next pandemic, from influenza (like H1N1 and SARS) to AIDS.


What do you hope your research can bring into the classroom?

 I'm a physicist and going to teach physics courses. I think there will always an opportunity for me to introduce to students many cool ideas that were originally developed by physicist and later successively applied to many other fields, in particular to understanding our society.


How does your teaching experience impact your research?

 Teaching offers a great opportunity of not only spreading knowledge but learning many different ways of thinking from students, that many times inspire me and eventually results in completely new ideas of researches.


October 21, 2013