Making Sense of the Colombian Peace Process in Havana

On November 19, Professor Elvira Maria Restrepo and Dr. Lilian Yaffe - both from the University of Miami College of Arts & Sciences' Geography and Regional Studies Department - together with International Studies Professor Bruce Bagley, gave a public presentation and panel discussion that assessed the prospects of the current peace process in Havana between the government of Colombia and the FARC guerrillas.

‌‌‌The FARC have been waging the longest ongoing armed conflict in the Americas and this has destabilized the region and fueled organized crime, especially drug trafficking. Overall, the three panelists concurred that the peace process will be signed shortly and that its institutional bases and political will are solid. They differed in their views on the attainability of a sustainable peace given the high costs involved and the persistence of drug trafficking and criminal groups in the region.

U.S. Congressional candidate Annette Taddeo moderated the panel discussion.

November 30, 2015