Learning from a Legend

College of Arts & Sciences students in the Theatre Arts Conservatory (the performing arm of the theatre department) had an amazing opportunity to learn from a legend, when Broadway mega star Lea Salonga and her artistic director Victor Lirio visited for a masterclass. They offered honest critiques of pieces performed by four students.

Jayne Ng sang “Is It a Crime?” from the 1956 Broadway musical Bells are Ringing. Both Salonga and Lirio commended her beautiful voice, tonation, diction and clarity.

Salonga said, “Our job as artists is to get the audience to ride on the story with us,” noting that an actor must put forward the composer’s and lyricist’s vision of a piece.

“But filter it through your own heart,” Lirio added.

Salonga originated the role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon in both the Broadway and West End (London) productions. She performed the singing voice for two Disney princesses: Jasmine (Aladdin) and Fa Mulan (Mulan).

March 19, 2015