Journey to the Soul of Guna Yala airs on PBS

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and University of Miami alumna Stella M. Holmes brings to life the power of art to bridge divergent cultures in her documentary "A Journey to the Soul of Guna Yala," which airs Friday, Sept. 29, on PBS. The documentary explores the lives and art of the indigenous Guna people of Panama's San Blas Islands through an encounter with University of Miami students preparing an Artlab @ the Lowe exhibition of molas—the Guna people's unique art form—for the College of Arts and Sciences' Lowe Art Museum in 2013. Artlab @ the Lowe is a program that teaches first-time student curators at UM the hands-on experiences and behind-the-scenes complexities (and realities) involved in mounting an exhibit.

September 26, 2017