Education & Conservation in Brazil

Prof. Silva (center) educating Brazilian and Peruvian students on protection and conservation of Amapá.

Located in the Brazilian Amazonia, Amapá is the most protected state in Brazil. However, Amapá (an area as large as the state of Florida) has 72 percent of its lands in protected areas and indigenous territories, conserving one of the world's last pristine tropical forests as well as South America's most conserved mangroves.

University of Miami Professor José da Silva, from the Department of Geography and Regional Studies, spent part of his summer researching and teaching in Amapá. As a professor of the Graduate Program in Tropical Biodiversity of the Universidade Federal do Amapá, he taught biogeography and conservation to Brazilian and Peruvian students.

"I believe that is my duty as a faculty of a UM, a hemispheric university, to help as much as possible and to prepare the next generation of South American students on ways to protect their extraordinary natural wealth," said Silva.

August 02, 2018