DILS Students Celebrate International Multicultural Night

The DILS Annual International Multicultural Night brought diversity and new cultures to the University of Miami community.

The University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences Directed Independent Language Study Program (DILS) celebrated its annual International Multicultural Night on February 27th with dance, food, pop-culture presentations, story telling, and more. Accomplished by students and for students, the event showcased the languages they are studying and highlighted the cultural diversity of the DILS program.

DILS gives students the opportunity to study languages not currently offered through the traditional curriculum. Students in the program are paired with a language partner to gain new linguistic skills and broaden their knowledge about other cultures. Thirty-four languages have been studied since the program’s inception in the spring of 2009.

This year’s Multicultural Night included a performance of “La Marinera” (the national dance of Peru), a Bollywood dance from the movie Aaja Naachle, belly dancing, and a Korean pop song and dance performance. Participating students also presented a piece of the culture they are studying by teaching the audience key phrases in languages that included Russian, Moroccan Arabic, and Polish.

slide 1: "Why study Russian?",  slide 2: "Life of an exchange student in Russia," slide 3: "Why study Yoruba," slide 4: "Polish Nursery rhyme," slide 5: "Polish tune Trumpet performance," slide 6: "Korean Pop,"  slide 7 - 8: "Moroccan Lesson," slide 9: Korean Pop

 slides 10 - 12:  Quechua National dance; slides 13 - 15: Hindi Bollywood dance; slide 16:"Images of Hong Kong and Cantonese," slide 17: Russian "Grasshopper" performance, slide 18: "Tour of Turkey"

March 02, 2016