Cooper Fellow Lecture Series: “Photography: From Romanticism to Structuralism”

Professor of Art & Art History, J. Tomas (Tom) Lopez, discussed the art of photography and shared his portfolio of work captured over the years with UM faculty, students, and staff.

From scenes in a New York City subway to protests in Paris and poignant pictures of Holy Week in Spain, Professor of Art & Art History J. Tomas (Tom) Lopez dissected, discussed, and analyzed a collection of photography he captured over the years at the 2016 Cooper Fellow Lecture Series, hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences. Here are a few scenes from the lecture and his images of Holy Week in Spain:

Professor Lopez talks about the composition of this image taken in a NYC subway train.


UM students, faculty, and staff attend Professor Lopez's lecture at the Shalala Student Activities Center.


More scenes from Professor Lopez's collection of NYC subway photos.


Provost Thomas J. LeBlanc, Professor J. Tomas (Tom) Lopez, Dean of the College of Arts
and Sciences Leonidas G. Bachas, and Dean Angel Kaifer.


Professor of Art & Art History J. Tomas (Tom) Lopez discussing his work at the Cooper Fellow Lecture.


Holy Week in Spain.


Holy Week in Spain.

November 18, 2016