College of Arts & Sciences’ Department of Mathematics Celebrated the 6th Annual McKnight-Zame Lecture with Mathematician Dusa McDuff

College of Arts & Sciences’ Department of Mathematics celebrated 6th Annual McKnight-Zame Series with Dusa McDuff’s lecture on “Symplectic Embeddings and Continued Fractions” on Wednesday, February 12, 2014. Over 100 students, faculty, scholars, and alumni attended to hear the lecture by Professor McDuff, a world leading authority in Symplectic Geometry.

Dusa McDuff is the Helen Lyttle Kimmel '42 Professor of Mathematics at Barnard College, Columbia University. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.), a member of the American Philosophical Society, and a Fellow of the Royal Society (U.K.). She is the first recipient of the Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize, awarded by American Mathematical Society in 1991, and she received the Outstanding Woman Scientist Award from the Association for Women in Science in 1997. She received her Ph.D. from Cambridge University and is an honorary fellow of Girton College, Cambridge.

The McKnight-Zame Distinguished Lecture Series attracts leading mathematicians of our time including Persi Diaconis, Mary V. Sunseri Professor of Statistics and Mathematics, Stanford University; Fields Medalist Shing-Tung Yau, William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University; Richard P. Stanley, Norman Levinson Professor of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T.; Richard Schoen, Bass Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University; and Fields Medalist Andrei Okounkov, Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University.

The McKnight-Zame Distinguished Lecture Series is made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Jeffry Fuqua, who received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Miami in 1972 under the direction of Professor James McKnight. This lecture series is named in honor of both Professor McKnight and Professor Alan Zame, who was a close mentor of Dr. Fuqua while he was a student at the University of Miami.


Image caption: Donor Lee Dowd, Professor Ludmil Katzarkov, Senior Associate Dean Angel Kaifer, Professor Alan Zame, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Leonidas Bachas, McKnight-Zame Lecturer Dusa McDuff, Donor Jeffry Fuqua, and Professor Greg Galloway.

February 12, 2014