'Cane Talks: Ten-Minute Talks by University of Miami Visionaries

The University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences is proud to present three visionaries who were part of the first 'Cane Talks, ten-minute presentations by leading thinkers in the University of Miami community.

Joseph Uscinski | Michelle Maldonado | Lillian Manzor
Tarell Alvin McCraney
  |  Amishi Jha  |  Mateus Lima



Opinion, Information, and Democracy: What We Believe and How it Will Shape Our Future

A healthy democracy requires citizens to make choices based on accurate information. But with the rise of social media, people across the political spectrum have retreated inside polarized echo chambers. Many others are unsure whether the news they see is even true. How can we make informed political choices in a new era of fake news and conspiracies? What can we do to ensure that facts guide the choices we make for our future? Join University of Miami Political Scientist Joseph Uscinski to learn what the recent presidential campaign reveals about how Americans make political choices.

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Masking the Virgin Mary: La Caridad del Cobre and Religion’s Resiliency in Cuba

The story of Cuba can be told by tracing the ways Catholicism and African religions have been marginalized, celebrated, and transformed. Religion has left its mark on the island despite centuries of strife and persecution. Perhaps no other religious symbol characterizes Cuban religion more than La Caridad del Cobre. Evoked in 19th-century struggles for independence, honored by Pope Benedict XVI and respected by communists, this patron saint of Cuba has become a symbol of the island’s identity and the complexity and resilience of its religious traditions.

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Theater and Reconciliation: The Power of the Digital Diaspora

Twenty years before the United States re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba, theater artists from both sides of the Florida Straits were practicing their own kind of diplomacy. Lillian Manzor, director of the University’s Cuban Digital Theater Archive, discusses the roles that theater and digital culture can play in building community in a moment and across the fraught borders of time, space and nations.

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Tarell McCraney photo


The Distant Present: A Look at Miami's Future as a Global Artistic Gateway

From “America’s Winter Playground" to "the Gateway of the Americas," Tarell Alvin McCraney, playwright and professor of theatre and civic engagement in the Department of Theatre Arts, explores how Miami’s distinctive mixture of worlds (old and new) will grow its artistic wealth.

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Training the Brain to Be More Attentive: How Elite Athletes, Military Personnel, and Others Perform Better Under Stress

Attention is necessary for everything we do—from learning, to making decisions, to regulating our mood. Yet our capacity to pay attention is limited when we are under stress. Amishi Jha, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, works with elite athletes, firefighters, active duty military personnel, accountants, and others in high-stress careers to better understand how we can do our best even in the most demanding and challenging situations. Learn what cutting-edge research is revealing about how you can protect your brain from stress and train yourself to pay attention using mindfulness.


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Choosing Not to Choose: In Praise of Life at the Intersections in Culture, Science, and Policy

Learn the journey of one UM undergraduate from his native Brazil to South Florida and to a campus where he faced choices: biology labs or economics problem sets? Policy analysis or soccer? Hear Mateus Lima, Class of 2017 and a student of the College of Arts & Sciences da Vinci Program, explain why his answer at every crossroads has been “yes.” He will reflect on learning across disciplinary lines and make the case for how a University of Miami education is preparing him to tackle some of the pressing issues of the next century by allowing him to live, think, and create in the intersections.


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