Tutors offer the following services to students enrolled in levels 101 through 203

  • - Answer specific, language-related questions on the first drafts of compositions (peer corrected or instructor corrected at 100 level, only instructors   corrected at 200 level), but only after you have already gone through the paper and interpreted the correction code.
  • - Answer specific questions about grammar, vocabulary, etc.
  • - Provide help with study skills or dictionary skills.
  • - Provide conversation practice 

 Note: Tutors must limit their sessions with students to 15 minutes, whenever other students are waiting for help.

Tutors cannot do the following:

  • - Translate or write a composition for you
  • - Proofread, edit, or correct your work
  • - Change the wording of your composition
  • - Tell you “what’s wrong with” your composition (if you are completely confused by the correction code and/or comments on a composition, discuss this with your instructor in office hours.)

If you have any questions contact:

Dr. Rachida Salama-Primov

e-mail: rprimov@miami.edu 

Tel 8-8592.


Tutoring will take place at the Richter Library's Learning Commons. Click here to view the schedule.