Subha Xavier

Assistant Professor of French


  • -PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; French and Francophone Literature, 2007
  • -MA, University of Toronto; French Literature, 2000
  • -BA, University of Toronto; Philosophy, 1998


Research Interests


  • -Global French Literature (Francophone Literature)
  • -Migration and Diaspora Studies
  • -Postcolonial Theory
  • -Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism


Selected Publications


  • -“Entre féminisme et voyeurisme: L’éros migrant chez Calixthe Beyala,” Zizanie 1.1 (Forthcoming 2012).
  • -La littérature migrante subsaharienne/Migrant Sub-Saharan Literature, ed. Subha Xavier and Papa Samba Diop, Editions Dominique Guéniot, Forthcoming 2012.
  • -“Mehdi Charef and the Politics of French Immigration,” The French Review 84.2 (December 2010): 328-341.
  • -“From Weltliteratur to Littérature-monde: Lessons from Goethe for the Francophone World,” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 14.1 (January 2010): 57-65.
  • -“Le désir militant: Genet, Ben Jelloun et la défense des immigrés”, Transatlantique, Biblioteca della Ricerca Schena Editore, Presses de l'Universite de Paris-Sorbonne, 2010: 107-114.
  • -“La poétique du trauma chez Leïla Sebbar”, Trans 17 (January 2010).
  • -“China and its Other: The Economy of Writing in Dai Sijie’s Le Complexe de Di.” Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies34 No. 2 (September 2008): 63-85.
  • -“Exiled Metaphors: Woman and Nation in Three Novels by Ying Chen,” International Journal of Canadian Studies 31 (Spring 2005): 37-56.


Courses taught 


  • Undergraduate

  • -FRE214: Advanced French
  • -FRE 300: Nation on the Fault-lines: Haiti, Immigration and the Arts (Service Learning Course)

  • -FRE301: Intro to Literature and Culture in French

  • -FRE321: "L'oralité et la rébellion politique en Afrique" (Special Topics in Francophone Literature)

  • -FRE322: "Le français multi-langue" (Cultural Topics)

  • -FRE442: "La création littéraire en français langue étrangère" (Advanced Writing Workshop)

  • -FRE501: "La France et ses immigrés" (Capstone Seminar)


  • Graduate

  • -FRE675/MLL621: Failed Migrations in Afro-Caribbean Literature and Film

  • -FRE675: Literature from the two Congos

  • -FRE621: La Francophonie en Question

  • -FRE675: Les textes migrants de l'Afrique subsaharienne