Senior Lecturers

angulo-eugenioEugenio A. Angulo, Ph.D.
Florida International University, Spanish, 2011

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-29  |  305-284-3209

Mabel Basterrechea, Ph.D.
University of Miami, Spanish and Spanish-American Literature, 2001

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Mabel Basterrechea received her Ph.D. in Spanish and Spanish-American literature from the University of Miami in 2001, her M.A. in Spanish from the University of Miami, her M.A. in French from New York University and her B.A. in English from Montclair State University. Her interests are Comparative Literature and Literary Theory. Her teaching focuses on Heritage Speakers and Bilingualism. She is presently working on identity and violence in the novels of Rodrigo Rey Rosa.

Leila Da Costa, Ph.D.
UNESP-Sao Paolo, Applied Linguistics, 2015

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davidson-schmich-michaelMichael Davidson-Schmich, M.A.
West Virginia University, German, 1986

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delgado-ofeliaOfelia Delgado, M.A.
Louisiana State University, Spanish (M.A.) 1999
University of Houston-Clear Lake (M.S.), 1990

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-27  |  305-284-4858 Ext. 8-7267

Loredana M DiStravolo, Ph.D.
University of Maryland, Spanish Literature, 2014

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ScreenShot2012-08-08at11.06.30AM‌‌‌‌Kevin Finn, Ph.D.
University of Miami, Romance Studies, 2005
Director of French Basic Language Program

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Manny Garcia RossiManuel M. Rossi, M.A.
University of Miami, Liberal Studies, 2007
Florida State University,Italian Studies, 2002

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Manny Rossi attended the University of Florence, graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Italian and Literary Theory, and earned a second MA in Film Studies at the University of Miami. Manny has taught both at FSU and at Miami-Dade College, where in the latter he designed the current Italian language curricula focusing on communicative proficiency.

Manny Rossi is presently a Senior Lecturer as well as the Italian Program Director at the University of Miami Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, where he has taught since 2003. In addition to his present position at MLL, Manny also teaches Italian and Spanish at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI@UM) and the Intensive Language Institute as part of the UM Division of Continuing Education & International Education. He has taught a range of courses at OLLI from Documentary Films and World Cinema to language and conversation courses. Additionally, Manny has been a guest professor at the American University of Rome, lecturing on Italy through the eyes of Henry James, Edith Wharton and Ernest Hemingway.
Manny is also the founder of the UM Italian Film Festival (UMIFF), successfully going onto its 8th year in Fall 2018. UMIFF invites prominent directors and actors every academic semester to discuss their films to further promote Italian cinema and culture at the UM campus and in South Florida.

He recently organized, along with the department, a workshop based on Intercomprehension, a pedagogical approach focusing on the cognitive strengths of teaching Italian to speakers of a Romance language, with the University of Miami becoming the first academic institution in South Florida to offer said courses in Italian since Fall 2016.

Manny's latest projects include an official UM chapter of Gamma Kappa Alpha, the Italian Honor Society, which began accepting memberships in Fall 2016 as well as a 5-week Summer Study Abroad program focused on cinema and language immersion in Recanati, Italy, as of 2017.

Elisabeth Llaveria-Powell, Ph.D.
Florida International University, 2012

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primov-rachidaRachida Primov, Ph.D.
Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I), 1981

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 202  |  305-284-8592

I received my Doctorat de Troisième Cycle from the Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I) in 1981. My dissertation was on "Le Cinéma Américain de 1968 à Nos Jours: Du Rêve au Cauchemar". I am the director of the Eleonore Graves Tripp Foreign Languages Laboratory. I manage the Lab and I am responsible for regularly upgrading its capabilities as new technologies emerge. I am also in charge of a community outreach program which helps teachers of foreign languages in the Miami-Dade International Magnet Schools to improve their curricula and incorporate new technologies in their classrooms. The experience of learning technology practitioners has been rather like climbing a mountain. A peak appears in sight but when it is reached it turns out to have been just a foothill and a higher peak becomes visible. When this is reached however the new vistas reveals a further higher peak. (Darby 2002-2)

vazquez-ceciliaCecilia Vazquez, M.A.
New Mexico State University, Spanish, 1997

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 210-26  |  305-284-3208

williams-eikoEiko Isogai Williams, M.A.
Middlebury College, Japanese, 1997

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Giovanni Accolla

Email | Merrick Bldg. 601 | 305-284-1867

Sonia Behar

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Etsuko Collins, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburg, Instruction and Learning, 2001

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Fiorella Cotrina, Ph.D.
University of Southern California, Comparative Literature, 2009

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Mojca Del Fabbro, Ph.D. 
University of Ca'Foscari, Linguistics, 2013

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Henie Hajdenberg, M.A. 
Tel Aviv University, Hebrew Language & Literature, and Teaching Methodologies, 1997

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Elisabeth Juetten

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Cherol Marcelin

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Hicham Mazouz
University of Miami, 2018

Email  | Merrick Bldg. 701-A  |  305-284-1713

Fatma Mohamed, Ph.D.
Ain Shams, Arabic Literature

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 276  |  305-284-9313

Maria G. Pardo, Ph.D.
University of Miami, Romance Studies-Spanish, 2013

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Dabney Park

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 212-12  |  305-284-8407

Catalina Quesada Gomez, Ph.D.
Universidad de Sevilla, Spanish American Literature, 2007

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 276  |  305-284-9313

Maidelin Rodriguez, Ph.D. 
University of Miami, Romance Studies - Spanish, 2013

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Alberto Sarrain

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 276  |  305-284-9313

Tiffany Shinbach, A.B.D.
University of California, Davis, M.A., 2005

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Mari Williams, A.B.D.
University of Miami, Romance Studies - French, 2006

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Wenjing Xie
University of Miami, Gradaute Student

Email  |  Merrick Bldg. 701-A |  305-284-1713

Xiaolei Zhang, M.A. 
University of Massachesetts-Amherst, 2013

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