Graduate Students

The Department currently enrolls thirty students from fifteen different countries. Over half enter the Ph.D. program with an M.A. degree. By admitting a small number of students each year, the program is able to offer intensive classroom interaction, close mentoring, and structured preparation for entering the job market.

The graduate student office is located in the Merrick Building, Room 210-24.

To contact all students via telephone dial 305.284.4002.

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Nicolas Bordage

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Literary, Cultural & Linguistic Studies

‌‌Salim Ayoub
Salim is a teaching assistant of French and Darija, and a 5th year ABD doctoral candidate in Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies at the University of Miami. Salim is a former teacher of English, journalist and social worker who graduated from the university of Rabat in Morocco with a BA in English. He received his second BA from the university of Meknes with a concentration in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and his MA in American Studies from the university of Casablanca. In Spring 2016, he received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, and in the summer of the same year, he obtained the Summer Research Award that enabled him to conduct research in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. In Spring 2019, Salim will serve as the Study Abroad Program Assistant in Paris (UParis), and is expected to obtain his Ph.D upon completion of AY 18-19.

Research Interest: 19th, 20th and 21st century French and Francophone Literatures and Film; Sociolinguistics, Ideologies of Language, Bilingualism, Language Acquisition; Film Studies, Philosophy of Film; Colonial Encounters, De-colonial and Post-colonial Studies; Queer Studies, Theories of Gender and Sexuality

Dissertation Title:Indigènes entre deux berges: Rimbaud, Genet, Goytisolo and Contemporary Maghrebi Diasporic Voices Questioning Coloniality in Literature and Film.”
His dissertation argues that there are ways of possibilitybe they linguistic, poetic, and/or narrative – that are explored by a set of European and North African authors and filmmakers in order to maintain an actual dynamic that extends well beyond the realms of literature and film towards affecting (acting on) societies where illusory and ideologically induced identity markers have long been and are still prevalent. (Click here to view full abstract)

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Z‌ayer Baazaoui

Research Interest: The relationship between Literature and History through the novels of different francophone writers from different areas (Caribbean, North African, Middle Eastern, and West).

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Fèly Catan

Research Interests: Non-Sovereignty and Coloniality in Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and Martinique; Theater and Performance Studies

Dissertation Title: Non-Sovereignty and Artist Production in Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, and Martinique
The dissertation focuses on the notions of decoloniality and non-sovereignty in the Caribbean. I examine the way authors and artists from Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and Martinique have questioned the Eurocentric normative category of political sovereignty (of the Nation-State) and attempted to forge new epistemologies in a decolonial attitude. 

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Lidiana de Moraes

Research Interests: subaltern studies (with emphasis on gender representation), Luso-Brazilian literatures, transnational and transatlantic postcolonial relations in the cultural production of Lusophone countries, sociolinguistics and ideologies of language. Lidiana has published on the topics of postcolonialism, memory and identity, translation studies, gender representation, and contemporary Luso-Brazilian literatures.

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Lorella Di Gregorio Photo‌Lorella Di Gregorio

Research Interests: 20th and 21st cultural production related with migration and organized crime: corridos, exvotos, sceneggiata, canzone neomelodica, etc.; Cultural Studies, Migration Studies, Ideologies of Language, Sociolinguistics; Comparative Cultural and Linguistic Studies between Latin America, Iberian Peninsula and Southern Italy; Contemporary Art, Psychology of Art, Art Brut, Outsider Art, Folk Art.

Dissertation Abstract: The cultural products that constitute the core of my dissertation belong to popular visual culture (specifically, exvotos) and music (Mexican corridos and Neapolitan songs) in all their declinations and derivations, such as narcocorridos and “neomelodica" music. I claim that these traditional artifacts related to migration and organized crime transform considerably, following common patterns, from a national to a transnational outcome that makes sense only in a diasporic community within what contemporary socio-cultural anthropologist Arjun Appadurai identifies as modernity at large. Modernity at Large (1996) highlights the vital role played by media and migration in the break with the modern past, creating new types of mobility and landscapes, new images and narratives. My goal is to explore how globalization, large-scale transnational movements and new technologies, through the circulation of new discourses and repertoires, have fostered a global shift of meaning with regard to the historically local phenomena of exvotos and corridos

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Monica Figueroa

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Helen Hernandez Hormilla

Helen Hernández Hormilla is a first year Ph.D. candidate in Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Miami. She received a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Havana in 2008 with a dissertation about Cuban women’s literature in the last decade of XX Century.  She has worked more than 10 years as a journalist and editor in Cuba and the United States of America, with proficiency in literary analysis, gender issues, human rights, and digital journalism. As a researcher, she has published the books Palabras sin velo. Entrevistas y cuentos de narradoras cubanas (Caminos, La Habana, 2013) and Mujeres en crisis. Aproximaciones a lo femenino en las narradoras cubanas de los noventa (Acuario, La Habana, 2011) about Cuban women’s literature. In Cuba, she co-founded the “Gender and Cultural program” of the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC) and the monthly debate space about art and gender, “Looking from suspicion” (2010-2013). Her works have been published in several magazines and media from Cuba, Latin America and the United States of America. She has been invited to teaches courses for the University of San Martín in Argentina and the Arts University, in Havana, Cuba. Her current research as a Ph.D. student is about how Cuban women in the island and diaspora represent their transnational identity in their writing. She is interested in Cuban and Caribbean Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Cultural Studies and Transnationalism in Literature.

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Sam Johnson

Sam is a 2nd year PhD student in the Department of Modern Languages in Literatures. Sam completed his BA at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI and his master's degrees at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM.  Currently, Sam is teaching Spanish as a second language at UM and looks forward to teaching Portuguese in future semesters. His research interests include ecocriticism, indigeneity, (de)coloniality, citizenship, human/non-human rights, and their intersections with contemporary literature and film in the Americas. 

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 Lydda Lopez Valdez

Research Interests: Language, literature, linguistics, sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, Spanish and English contact, and national and local discourses surrounding Spanish and English in the US.

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 Lilianne Lugo Herrera

Research Interests: Cuban and Caribbean Studies, Gender Studies, Racial Studies, and Performance Studies.

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Dainerys Machado Vento

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‌‌Nadia Naami PhotoNadia Naami

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Féria Nekkache

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Gregory Rhinehart

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Jordan Rogers

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Olivier Sales

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Nicholas Sheets

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 Maria Veliz

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Ruming Yang

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Carlo Brando Zepeda

Carlo’s research and academic interests include humanistic approaches to sexual identity, sexuality, immigration, and the search for home in our global era. He specializes in ethnographic studies of late 20th and early 21st century Central America with emphasis on cultural expressions and productions of sexuality, gender and orientation; human rights/LGBTQ rights and story-telling in El Salvador.

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Elena Bonmati Gonzalvez

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Ellen Davies

Research Interests: Twentieth-Century Spanish and Latin American Literature, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Queer Theory, Feminist Theory, Brazilian Women Writers.

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Delia Pamela Fuentes Korban

Research Interests: Latin American Literature, Cultural Productions, Identity, Urbanity and History; 20th -21st Century Argentine Cultural Expressions: Literature, Music, Film, Theater, Radio, Art.

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Lina Jardines del Cueto

Research Interests: Politics, Cultural Productions, Immigration, and Cultural Exchange in Cuba and the Middle East, and its Relationship with Latin America.

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 Ariana Magdaleno

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 Ámerico Mendoza-Mori

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Catalina Ramirez Catalina Ramirez

Dissertation Title: "Contemporary Central American Imaginaries Under (Re)Construction: Landings in a Postwar Cultural Landscape."

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