Rebecca Doran
Assistant Professor of Chinese



  • Ph.D.      Harvard (East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
  • A.M.       Harvard (Regional Studies – East Asia)
  • A.B.        Harvard (East Asian Studies) 

Research Interests 

  • •   Chinese literature
  • •   Gender and sexuality
  • •   Women’s literature
  • •   Historiography

Selected Publications 

  • Book

  • Transgressive Typologies: Constructions of Gender and Power in Early Tang China (Harvard University Asia Center, forthcoming)

  • Articles and Book Chapters

    • “The Cat Demon, Gender, and Religious Practice: Towards Reconstructing a Medieval Chinese Cultural Pattern,” Journal of the American Oriental Society, 2015-2016. Forthcoming.
    • “Education and the Examination System,” Oxford Handbook of Classical Chinese literature (1000 BCE-900 CE), eds. Wiebke Denecke, Wai-yee Li, and Xiaofei Tian, 2015-2016. Forthcoming.
    • “‘Altogether Another flavor of Emotion to Torment a Man’: Typology and the Expression of Sentiment in Liu Yong’s Ci,” T’oung Pao 99, 4-5 (2013): 1-28.
    • “Building Power: Conspicuous Consumption, Projection of Identity, and Female Power in the Late Seventh and Early Eighth Centuries,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China (FLSC), 6(4), 2012: 472-489.
    • “Perspective and Appreciation in Xie Lingyun's ‘Imitations of the Crown Prince of Wei's Gatherings in Ye,’” Early Medieval China, volume 17 (2011): 51-73.


Courses taught  

  • •   Chinese 201: Intermediate Chinese I
  • •   Chinese 202: Intermediate Chinese II
  • •   Chinese 203: Advanced Chinese I
  • •   Chinese 204: Advanced Chinese II
  • •   Chinese 310: The Esoteric and the Mundane in the Chinese Literary Tradition